UK Recruitment - What is temp to perm?


In the UK recruitment sector, temp to perm or temporary to permanent is the way we ( UK Recruitment Agencies ) describe the situation where a person is working in a temporary capacity in a business and then gets offered a permanent position. Sometimes this situation is planned for and all parties are aware before the assignment takes place. Other times a worker will start with a business and after a certain period of time and usually when the worker has proved themselves to a business a permanent job is identified and subsequently offered to the temporary worker.

In the current UK economic climate more companies are looking at the temp to perm option. The reason is two-fold. There are more people available for the temporary assignments due to redundancies and lay-offs and businesses are not prepared to invest in permanent members of staff, who, in the longer term may prove to be unsuitable.

Temporary work is a great way to get into any organisation. You will be able to prove to employers that you are flexible and versatile in the workplace. You will be able to learn news ways of working and new I.T. platforms to experience.

Let’s face it; if you are being paid to do the work, it’s your chance to be able to suss out the company. Not all companies have rigid interview processes. That first interview may have been impressive but does the company actually come up with the goods that they have promised.

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