Planning your Job Hunting


Are you clear about what skills and experience you have?
Do you know what skills abilities and qualifications are needed for the types of jobs you are looking for?
Do you have an up-to date-CV?
Does your CV make the most of your skills and experience?
Are you confident about filling in application forms?
Are you confident about applying for jobs over the phone?
Are you confident about applying for jobs online?
Have you used the internet to search for jobs? Most companies now advertise online
Essential Social Media networks include: Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.
Do you read your local papers regularly to find out which companies are expanding and which new companies are coming to the area?
Have you considered contacting these companies to see if they have any jobs?
Have you registered with any recruitment agencies?
Have you checked out the Job Centre Plus website? At your local Jobcentre Plus, you’ll find information about the jobs available in your area. You can also get help deciding which job to go for.
Networking and word of mouth
Networking is about making the most of your contacts. Let everyone know you're looking for a certain type of work, including friends and family. The more people who know you’re looking for work, the more chance you have of hearing about an unadvertised vacancy.
You can also network at professional events. Even if you're not working, don’t be afraid to go to training days and conferences – you can use them to make contacts in your line of work.