There are ways of making this process easier, better, faster and more cost effective! But maybe you don't know how?

We know something about recruiting for staff. How to interview job seekers - we have honed our technique through our experience, our continual development and by introducing rigorous systematic approaches to what we do. You will find listed below our comprehensive notes on interview skills and the general recruitment process.

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Before you start to recruit you will need to have the basics of why you are looking to recruit.

You need to have the desire to find out what makes people tick!

You will need to break through the blagging and the bluster to find what is really behind the job seekers polished exterior and get through to the REAL person.

You need to find someone with passion?

You need to find someone with a stable work history?

Perhaps you need to find an aspiring graduate?

Always looking for contradictions, sometimes we have even been known to be a little confrontational in our interview methods.