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A secretary or administrator provides clerical and administrative support, either as a team or individually. They are often also responsible for specific projects, as well as co-ordinating and implementing office procedures. In some cases, they will oversee junior staff.

 The role varies greatly depending on sector, the size of the employer and levels of responsibility. Most work involves communication and word processing skills, and within specialist fields such as law, many secretaries/administrators are required to have relevant, high-level qualifications.

Most secretaries/administrators will undertake typical work tasks: general word processing, dealing with telephone and email enquiries, creating and maintaining filing systems, keeping diaries and taking appointments for staff.

Depending on the sector, the role could also include any of the following:

using a variety of software packages to produce correspondence and documents, and maintain presentations, spreadsheets and databases;

devising and maintaining office systems;

booking rooms;

using content management systems to maintain and update websites and internal databases;

arranging meetings, taking minutes and keeping notes;


looking after budgets;

liaising with members of staff in other departments or external contacts;

ordering and maintaining stationery and equipment supplies;

using shorthand and audio tapes or copytyping to produce letters;

organising and storing paperwork, documents and computer-based information.

arranging travel and accommodation.