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Office Manager

Job Description

Salary Level: Scale 4/5 

Contract : Three Year Fixed Term Contract 

Responsible to:  Partnership Manager 

Job Purpose           

To manage the office of the Derbyshire and xxxx xxxx xxxxx and xxxxxxx Forum and to support its officers to develop a co-ordinated approach to the development of sport and recreation in the county and Peak District National Park.

Main duties and responsibilities

1.                  To organise meetings of the Derbyshire and xxxx xxxx xxxxx and xxxxxxx Forum, its sub group meetings and other similar events.

2.                  To prepare, collate, reproduce and distribute papers for meetings of the Derbyshire and xxxx xxxx xxxxx and xxxxxxx Forum

3.                  To devise and develop office systems in line with County Council procedures, including financial regulations

4.                  To initiate and retain relevant records and set up and maintain appropriate databases and systems as required 

5.                  To be responsible for preparing budgets, keeping accounts and processing invoices and claims relevant to Forum Officers.

6.                  To produce regular budget monitoring reports for the Derbyshire and xxxx xxxx xxxxx and xxxxxxx Forum and for external funding agencies 

7.                  To be the point of contact with the Education Finance Accountant and others in matters relating to points 3,4 5 and 6 above.

8.                  To archive text-processing work for Forum Officers as required to facilitate storage and retrieval of work 

9.                  To receive and respond to telephone calls, answer-phone messages and mail on behalf of Forum Officers and prepare outgoing mail for despatch.

10.             To establish effective relations with County Council personnel including Members and Chief Officers, and also with outside organisations and their representatives.

11.             To undertake photocopying and filing.

12.             To attend training to keep up to date on IT and personal development.

13.             To collate requests for training from Forum Officers and ensure that orders relating to training and development opportunities are copied to the Education Department’s Training and Development section

14.             To maintain a regular inventory of stock and order stationery for the Unit and monitor stationery budgets 

15.             To maintain a stock control system for staff kit and be responsible for sourcing kit and preparing orders for replacement items. 

16.             To regularly review siting, supply and suitability of telephone answering machines and support the team in its efforts to maintain a responsive service to customers contacting the Unit by telephone. 

17.             To monitor and evaluate all aspects of customer satisfaction 

18.             Co-ordinate leave applications by team members to ensure that agreed Unit guidelines on coordination of leave are adhered to and maintain.

Methods of Working:-

1.      The postholder will be expected to adopt a participative and collaborative style of management encouraging team working.

2.      The postholder will be expected to take an active part in appraising their own work against agreed priorities and targets in accordance with the department’s management supervision guidelines.

3.      The postholder will be expected to undertake any necessary training associated with the duties of the post.

4.      The postholder will be expected to use appropriate management information systems, maintain confidentiality and observe data protection guidelines.

5.      The postholder will understand and comply with the County Council’s Equal Opportunities and Environmental policies. 

6.      The postholder will comply with all Health and Safety policy and legislation in the performance of their duties.

7.      It will be necessary for the postholder to work with information technology and associated systems and, where appropriate, existing technology arrangements and consultative procedures will be applied in accordance with County Council policies