1. Check all invoices before processing to accounts. Any change to the price of a ‘stocked’ item should have been entered into Dema stock details.
Stores G items Check prices against ‘Contracts Stock Control’ system and enter any price changes.
Stock A Check prices against ‘Fix Costings’ system and enter any price changes.
Stock P Check prices against ‘Was Costings’ system and enter any price changes. Also enter quantities al ALL stock P items into ‘manual stock book’
2 Vehicle Management
New Vehicles
Input details into ‘vehicle management system’ when details received form Sheila Aggutta. Company, Registration number, Driver, Add vehicle details to Arval PHH system.
Input full details when Registration document received form DVLA
Input driver changes when details received.
MOT’s & Taxes
At the beginning of each month print off MOT report & Tax report, form 1st of month to 17th of next month.
Chase and update details from last month e.g. MOT document.
MOT – Raise a memo requesting MOT – See File VEHICLE – MEMO MOT.
Check that driver has not changed first.
TAX – Check driver details from system.
Request a cheque from Andrew Taylor for all taxed required. (Often best to wait for DVLA instruction). See File VEHICLE – TAX.
Also obtain addresses for drivers when sending Tax by post.
Obtain tax.
Prepare memo for driver – See File VEHICLE – MEMO TAX.
Attach tax document to memo and copy.
Send to driver, or department for posting.
Other details
Input repair card numbers,
Input any fuel card numbers.
Input disposal dates for sold or lost vehicles when information received.
Mileage Reports
Input any mileages received form the contracts department.
Update mileage values for each month inputting ‘O’ for any mileages not received for current vehicles. (The vehicle will not be included on the report otherwise).
Print report for 1st to last day of month. Send to Sheila Aggutta at Ashover by 15th of month.
3 Monthly internal transfers.
From information received raise transfer invoices as required by plan.
4 Rental Invoices
Raise rental invoices as required by plan. Note: write details on office copy and then type onto top and accounts copy.
5 Customs & Excise
Quarterly complete return for solvent usage. – See File.
6 Dema Stock Information.
Input all new raw materials, packaging and stocked item details into Dema stock system. Note packaging, and label descriptions are same as finished goods – obtain finished goods code first and change prefix.
7 Access Information
For Xxxxxx and Xxxxxx
Input all new raw materials and packaging keeping the same codes as Dema.
Input all new batch formulations
Xxxxxx received form J Breider
Xxxxxx received from T Smythe, or Andrew Taylor if manufactured to a temporary formulation.
For all new batch formulations, print off the formulation report and issue formally to the laboratory file. See File QA – Documents – Document issue.
Then print off the works order and formally issue to the laboratory file and formally issue a copy to the production department.
For Xxxxxx
Input all finished goods formulations.
8 Mobile Phones
Records maintained in ‘mobile’ database
Change user details as informed.
Used to breakdown Orange invoices.
Problem solving as required.
Account numbers – see blue file.
9 New Supplier Accounts.
For credit account details – see blue file.
Public Ledger
Arrives every Monday. enter currency details. See file ‘Analysis – Currency’.
Used to track price changed for negotiations.
Send the book to Mr MA Pass, Ashover, Weekly.
Prepare stock sheets for stock counts.
See ‘Stock’ File
Refresh data and rearrange sheets.