Customer Service Administrator 

3          KEY END RESULTS 

3.1        To ensure through professional management of customer orders and by effective communication with the customer and all relevant xxxxx personnel that all orders are managed to ensure that the highest level of service is achieved at all times. 

3.2        The prompt and satisfactory resolution of customer service issues within agreed service levels that minimise any impact on trading relationships and prevent further recurrences. 

3.3        Continuous improvement to the order management process by ensuring that all customer order requirements are processed accurately and within the appropriate time-scales. 

3.4               To achieve all set standards of performance, weekly/monthly targets and personal objectives that significantly contribute to the success of the division. 

4                     KEY TASKS 

4.1        Decide the most cost effective factory of supply through utilisation of the distribution grids in order to minimise company operating costs. Use the business systems efficiently to accurately input ‘ship to’ price information ensuring all negotiated prices fully correspond with the customer order detail. 

4.2        To maintain regular contact with customers via effective and professional use of the telephone and written correspondence. 

4.3        To receive and respond to customer’s written and verbal orders processing accurately and proactively managing until contract completion.

4.4        Pro-actively manage all customer call-off orders in order to ensure delivery programme and supply dates are achieved. 

4.5        Provide order call-off detail to Sales Supervisor/Production Planning Manager to ensure all orders are planned effectively to maximise xxxxx production efficiency, whilst guaranteeing highest levels of customer service are achieved. 

4.6        Resolve complaints and service issues by employing a course of action with other departments as necessary which eliminates the causal factors leading to the issue within agreed time-scales that lead to an improvement to the customer service and business key indicators. 

4.8               Record and communicate all market and competitor information received through customer contact to increase sales opportunities. 

4.9               Recommend changes to work practices in order to improve operational efficiencies and customer service provided. 

4.10            Provide ‘Order Acknowledgement’ for all multiple call off orders requesting clearly ‘delivery schedule’ detail from our customer.

5                     RECOMMENDATION 

5.1        Recommend credit limits and obtain information for credit checking. 

5.2        Authority to recommend return-to-works or re-direction of material after ensuring all possible alternatives have been explored. 

5.3               Recommendations to improvements in procedures and working practices to develop a culture of continuous improvement. 

5.4        Decide the most cost effective and efficient method of mitigating any customer dissatisfaction and ensuring that all causal factors are removed. 

6          JOB CHALLENGES 

6.1        Maintain customer relationships in a sensitive and caring manner yet operating within the cost restraints of the business. 

6.2        Receiving and ensuring willing co-operation from other departments within the business to meet the needs of the customer. 

6.3        Planning and managing work loads accurately and effectively to meet the needs of the business without impediment to customer service. 

6.4        Working under pressure have the ability to respond quickly and without any prior preparation to a wide range of customer queries. 


            Internal  :          

Production Planner

Daily contact to exchange stock information and discuss corrective action to customer service issues.

Distribution Clerk

Daily contact to advise delivery schedules and discuss corrective action to customer service issues.

Credit Controller

Daily contact to check customers credit position and recommend increases in limits in conjunction with the salesforce.

 Territory Sales Manager

Daily contact to progress sales activity. 


8.1        Totally conversant with business systems, customer-care policies and procedures ensuring a professional image to customers dealing with us.

8.2       Possess a highly developed understanding of product and applications of the company and the competitors/industry to capitalise on business opportunities.

8.3        Able to communicate effectively and skillfully handle a variety of situations in an assertive yet sensitive manner.

8.4        Can demonstrate effective telephone selling techniques and the ability to negotiate within levels of authority.

8.5        Comprehensive knowledge of customers, potential customers and their buying requirements.

8.6         Planning and organisational skills to cope with a high work load.

8.7         Be Self Motivated

8.8         Demonstrate a disciplined and organized approach to daily routine.

8.9         Be able to work under pressure whilst maintaining a high level of efficiency.

8.10            Have understanding of customer needs.

8.11            Have a commercial appreciation.