Sales Ledger


·        Report in Business Accountant

·        Supervise Sales Ledger Clerk


·        Ensuring all invoicing completed by clerk

·        Ensure that the Despatch Check completed and displayed on finance board

·        Ensure that the EDI Report has been produced

Credits and Claims

·        Credits and Claims Recovery, good faith receiving, daily import of B&Q data into continuous improvement system.

Debtors Management

·        Process all cash received and allocation of

·        Ensure that cash received reconciles to cashbook

·        Reconciliation to GL

·        Processing of rebates

·        Management of Debtor cash collection

·        Management of Bad Debts and stops on accounts

·        Account opening, credit checks and trade references

Sales Forecasting 

Month End Procedures

·        Control of period end cut off

·        Reconciling Sales to GL

·        Control of month end close

·        Completion of Sales Gross to Net Schedule

·        Monthly customer group review

Cost Recovery

·        Management of transport claims ensuring data logged, for potential cost recovery


·        Assist Clerk with collections and debit notes (processing, matching and filing)

·        Analysis work

·        Take full control of Sales Ledger, own it and make a difference