Accounts Administrator 

Daily tasks

1)      Invoice deliveries for the same days deliveries for all of the following accounts, and ensure other accounts have been invoiced wherever possible.

a.       Retail - Asda , Essex, CWS, Safeway

b.      Industrial, Perkins, Parkham, Kerry foods

2)      Enter cheque and BAC’s receipts on the system

3)      Enter cheque receipts into the paying in book

4)      On Opera edition Flag off credit notes and the following non-Acc depot invoices from the transmission file – Oxford, Leicester

5)      Run Opera Edition invoicing

6)      The finance company return

a.       Complete spreadsheet copy of the finance company return and ensure it balances

b.      Fill in assignment on interface system, connect up interface system via modem and send assignments

c.       Collate assignment print outs from Interface system

d.      Get assignments signed by xxxx xxxx

e.       Add in schedule, copies of interface assignments and banking book in an envelope and send to xxx xxxx at the finance company

7)      Raise credit notes as required

8)      File all invoices raised in the company during the day

9)      File all POD’s received and note down in the POD returns file which invoices have come back.

10)  Post out all Invoices raised to customers where customers are not receiving invoices by EDI

11)  Fax copy of Nat West statement to xxx at the finance company, arrange for payment to be made into Lloyds account for any customers which have paid into Nat West.



1)      Follow up out of terms debts

2)      POD review – review outstanding POD’s more than 7 days old and contact the relevant haulier to chase up copies

3)      After 2pm on Monday afternoon, call James xxxxat Asda on 01132 xxxxxx and ask for first time match rate for xxxxxx Poultry, E-mail this figure and the volume of invoices to the Asda national account manager.

4)      Issue statements to all customers as required



1)      Provide breakdown of all credit notes raised since the month end

2)      Calculate overriders for            

a.       Asda,, Gebruder-Christ, Booker, CWS, P+S Mitchell

Complete month end finance company return with debtors and creditors report run from Opera