Purchase Ledger Administrator

To assist the Purchase Ledger Supervisor  to provide a high quality Purchase Ledger service, in accordance with Newell and Divisional policies, to the Homelux / Nenplas Division of Newell, as part of the Division Finance Team.
To carry out comprehensive audit functions on the Division’s purchase invoices to ensure that all charges have been properly incurred and may be entered into the Division’s books of record.
To enter invoices and credit notes into the Division’s Purchase Ledger and ensure that supplier records are current.
To liaise with the Division’s Purchasing Personnel on the establishment of supplier accounts and purchasing limits.
To reconcile the Division’s records with supplier statements and to resolve queries and disputes to maintain continuity of supply.
To ensure that any purchase invoice not supported by a purchase order and goods received note is brought to the attention of the responsible manager and is subsequently properly  authorised.
To ensure that all charges match goods and services received and incurred during each accounting period.
To ensure that, where possible, all invoices / credits received in the period are entered on to the Division’s Purchase Ledger in the same period and records are fully updated for month end.
To prepare and issue payments as instructed by the Purchase Ledger Supervisor.
To ensure that all purchase ledger transactions are conducted in accordance with the Division’s Authority List.
To attend training courses identified from time to time.
To carry out any other finance related tasks as directed by the Purchase Ledger Supervisor.